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Part of Run Theater: Verbatim Bodies Workshop 

Bút means pencil. 

There was no concept before the act of picking up the pencil.


The meaning was created during, not before the action. 

"Ba" was supposed to be a presentation of movement. Paradoxically, it became movements that represent failures to move.


"Ba" means "father". The attempt was to bring myself back to the feeling of grief buried after years since my father's departure. The photos I looked at on the door were of his. 

I didn't know what would happen.

I knew I was being observed.

I knew I was to form a movement. 

And that was all there was. 

In response to 

reading Ocean Vuong's

"self portrait as exit wounds"


Performance in text

In response to DICTEE

These days I think about that border between moments, seconds, a blink, an edge of a cliff

which would come first 

our intention to create meaning

with our bodies, our words, our looks 


something else worthy of more than a labeling, describing word 

call it an urge, a compel, a drive, an intuition, an act of subconsciousness, as you may 

coming into being 

before we invent its meaning. 

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