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But I started with Ba and ended with Ma. 



Xuan Ha and I wrote to each other. 

August is when I celebrate the anniversaries of my father's death and my nephew's birth. August makes me think of death and life, of the ends and the beginnings. 

I asked Ha "Do you want to do this with me?" I think I was not ready to face this by myself. One does not heal after losing a loved one. Parts of you died with them. We should embrace that and wear the void they left behind as part of our luggage.

To make this film in itself was a journey I was not prepared for. I had not seen the photos of the funeral. I had laughed at the idea of having photos taken - when my sister asked me to ask my friend Giang to take them. I was always gung-ho about my private emotions being protected from the eyes of the public. 

Six years later, I looked at them. Each time I looked at them to evaluate, study, and arrange for this little film, I saw a new thing. There was too much. Some were left out, obviously. No film can contain LIFE. 

The film evolved as I evolved in the re-examination of my own feelings. I thought I would delve on the line of departure for Ba and arrival for Gin.

Best Film, Visual Documentary Project, Kyoto University, 2021

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